September 28th, 2017

4 key Benefits of Real Time Delivery Tracking for your Building Supply Company


Running a building supplies company is hard work and involves a lot of processes; such as manufacturing/procurement, management and transportation. It’s key to have the processes streamlined to allow you more time to focus on the key factors that will help in growing the company.

One activity that can eat a lot of time, particularly, for building material suppliers are deliveries.


This can be for many reasons but one of the more common ones is suppliers not having a dedicated delivery management system for managing deliveries and keeping track of their vehicles and orders.

Having tracking technology for deliveries can be a game changer, when you have insight on where your deliveries are in real time, it frees up peace of mind, and greatly reduces the risk of deliveries being lost or late.

Customer satisfaction is critical in today’s competitive world and what better way to keep them happy than by offering them the best service possible.


Here are some key benefits of why having the ability to track deliveries is a must for your building supplies business.


  1. Get access to Real time delivery alerts

This is a very important feature and something that was previously only available to large enterprises.

While real time delivery alerts may not necessarily appeal to the owner of the business it will for your customers.

We’ve all felt the anxiety of wondering where a pending order is, now with Wheres it At the customer can track via a free smart phone app when the delivery will arrive which will help reduce customers stress and in turn greatly decrease the possibilities of having negative feedback.


  1. Improved Customer Satisfaction.

As a business that interacts with their customers directly, you understand that the growth of your company is dependent upon the overall satisfaction of your customers. When a customer is satisfied, they are likely to order from you again and it’s easier to keep a customer than to try get new ones. The best way to keep customers satisfied in a delivery business is by offering them the real-time location on where their deliveries are just like we’ve come to expect from Uber or Deliveroo.


  1. Improved Security

Bad things can easily happen on the roads especially with the transport of heavy and valuable materials like building supplies. By tracking your haulage in real time, your business will have an upper hand by reducing your risks of loss or poor traffic routing.


  1. Reduced Fuel Consumption

Fuel is not cheap, and it’s one of the major expenses every delivery business must endure.

By tracking all deliveries, you will be able to measure the vehicles mileage and fuel spending in real time so that you can easily make the necessary corrections and improve efficiency which can result in cost savings of thousands per year.


If you are looking for an efficient delivery tracking system to help you track the deliveries of your building supplies, you can consult us and we can make it happen for you.

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