January 20th, 2017


vehicle tracking benefits


GPS Tracking is nothing new and has been providing reliable information for logistics companies for years.
The typical GPS vehicle tracking system will consist of a tracking device placed inside a vehicle along with a dedicated server and software that allows the business to track their fleet from the office.

But why go to the expense of implementing a vehicle tracking system? Here are 8 of the most common reasons companies are tracking their vehicles today.


1.) For customer facing businesses like take away food, retail or delivery supplies, GPS devices help increase customer satisfaction and retention by allowing customers to know in real time exactly where their deliveries are.
This is well utilised in companies like Uber and © Domino’s Pizza.

2.) Vehicle tracking systems can help to reduce running costs by providing insight into driving behaviours, know who is speeding and wasting fuel.
Reducing risky behaviors like speeding can reduce fuel, maintenance bills and reduce insurance premiums.

3.) Some insurance companies will offer around a thirty percent discount to companies who implement a GPS vehicle tracking system. This is not only because it encourages safer driving, but also helps recovery if thefts do occur.

4.) Productivity of workers can be increased by being able to keep track of lunch hours, exposing unauthorised stops and breaks and by evaluating the overtime requests of workers.

5.) Superior route planning by using cloud based mapping technologies:
Compare the current delivery routes being used by your drivers with ones recommended by google maps.
This technology is incredibly powerful and utilising many information sources as it actively considers traffic conditions, time of the day, road works and other factors to make informed recommendations on delivery routes.

6.) Business owners can find their most productive employees and use this information to implement further training or even a system of bonuses to enhance staff members’ work ethic.

7.) The days of needing to call ones drivers to find out where they are over. Vehicle tracking systems will vastly reduce your phone bills as it is no longer a necessity to call employees to find their location.

8.) GPS systems reduce the amount of paperwork that drivers must fill out.Having a digital proof of delivery system will increase the accuracy of your records while also improving the customers experience.


Benefits of vehicle tracking


So there you have it, some examples on how vehicle tracking can work for your business.

Contact us and let’s have a chat on how we can make it work for you.

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