February 11th, 2017

The courier industry is a $4 billion one in Australia, it comprises almost 15,000 operating businesses and although the market is massive, customer and business dissatisfaction remains very high.


A survey conducted by the NRMA of its business customers last month found 85 per cent still send parcels regularly and of the 78 per cent who send 10 parcels or more a month, 73 per cent of those line up at the post office to do so.


So what’s the problem?


Common complaints


Courier Complaints‘The two most common complaints around courier companies are the time of delivery and the proof of delivery.

Time of delivery is crucial and the most common complaint. A survey conducted by consumer research and ratings company Canstar Blue in September 2015 found 28 per cent of small business owners have couriered an item that was not delivered on time, while 10 per cent describe the service they most recently used as unreliable.

Given the market share Australia Post has in the sector it makes sense why they copped the brunt of criticism.

From sole traders, right through to large businesses dissatisfaction is high.

One frequent complain is that attempted delivery notes are left in the letter box even when the occupant was home, seemingly indicating there was no attempt to make the delivery.




Vehicle Tracking Customer Service

If you’re like millions of people and your business relies on deliveries a solution like Wheres It At can help.

Where’s It At provides real time location services for your businesses couriers while also providing the option to show that location to your customer.

This allows both the business and the customer know where their delivery is in real time.

Wheres It At also has the proof of delivery /sign on glass functionality so your business and customers can have infallible electronic proof of attempted or successful delivery.

Best of all, Wheres It At is free for small businesses.

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