July 30th, 2017


Business tracking deliveries


Wheres It At utilizes smart phone and app technology to provide enterprise grade logistic tracking functionality almost no cost for small and medium businesses.

The almost is the catch.

For many businesses that use Wheres It At drivers will be using their own personal devices to run the app and understandably that raises some concerns.


Can I be tracked when I’m not using the App?

Drivers are only tracked from the time when they click “begin” to when they click “complete” for a delivery. After that the App can be running and no tracking is taking place.


Does tracking affect my mobile data usage?

Yes, but not nearly as much as one might think, in several hours of continuous usage a driver would use about 10MB of data, which is far less than the average short low-quality YouTube video.

Most phone plans offer between 4000 and 8000MB of data as standard.


How will this affect my mobile battery life?

For a driver using the App will undoubtedly affect the battery, navigation apps like google maps are battery intensive so we recommend plugging the phone into charge while performing deliveries.

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