March 15th, 2017


Proof of Delivery has been around of years but what is sign on glass?


Sign on glass is the new buzz term for proof of delivery.

Using modern date smart phones for proof of delivery offers an unparalleled price point while maintaining reliability and accuracy.

Until now, for a freight company or any type of delivery company to offer real-time electronic proof-of-delivery, each driver would need to carry a specialised device.

These are often bulky, cumbersome things that are not cheap and for many smaller organisations, this makes them not feasible.


What we did was build on the touchscreen and location-finding capabilities of the common smart phone, and developed an app that can capture and transmit the receivers name and on-screen signature for real time proof-of-delivery.


proof of delivery and sign on glass


It is so simple, when the driver delivers the product to the customer, they simply get the customer to sign their signature on the smart phone screen with their finger which is then instantly sent to the cloud server.

The POD evidence is then securely added to the delivery report for the business owners convenience.

Additionally, the report contains the details of around delivery timing, the route the delivery driver took as well as speeds and other useful information.


This functionality, in conjunction with the real-time tracking experience for the customer and the business offer an extremely accurate and cost effective method for businesses to monitor their fleets and assets.



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