September 2nd, 2017

Florist Tracking


Florists and the future

Since 2005, brick and mortar florists, about 86% of which employ no more than four workers, have suffered from many of the factors that have undone other small businesses.

First came the large grocery stores, which put price pressure on the industry by stocking cheap flowers customers could grab on the run and arrange at home.

Then there was the Internet, which allowed companies like Roses Only and 1300 Flowers to eat an ever-growing market share.


Uber is here

You may have used Uber yourself or perhaps have heard how it’s caused controversy by disrupting the taxi and hire car markets around the world.

The founder of UBER has already indicated that UBER is not just a human transportation company; it is a potentially massive distribution network of all sorts of items.  They have already moved into food deliveries.  Soon, why not flowers?

If Uber can become a deliverer of flowers, can florists adapt by offering a more Uber-like experience for their customers?


How can you offer your customers Uber-like tracking?

Customers have already begun to expect the ability to track deliveries, thereby knowing exactly when their delivery is arriving.   Imagine someone who has ordered a special flower arrangement for a birthday, anniversary or Valentines Day.  They’ll be anxious about the delivery all day, right up until they have confirmation that the delivery is complete.   Now imagine if they could at any time track the delivery in real time – how re-assuring would that be!  No more calls to the florist to confirm that the delivery is on track – that information is now at their fingertips.

Previously tracking for businesses was reserved for enterprises with fleets of vehicles that had special devices installed in them.  Then came the smart phone with built in GPS, and now a world of opportunity has opened up for small business.


Give your Florists customers the ability to track their flowers.

With Wheres It At you can dispatch your florist’s deliveries simply and efficiently, all your drivers need is a simple, easy to use smart phone app.  Once the driver begins a customer’s delivery, tracking is activated and the driver’s location and time of arrival at the customer is available (and constantly updated) on the customer’s smartphone.

So, no more calls by anxious customers wondering when they can expect their delivery.  Now you, your driver, and your customer all know the delivery time.  Everyone can relax and focus on other things; in your case that means focus on making your flowers look the best.

Over to you!

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